About Us

Instead of considering as an ordinary vehicle, the people to whom you commend your boat should regard her as an alive creature which has a soul. They should take care of her gently and deeply that she could set her sails smoothly when she gets back her strength.


There are a lot of companies who claim knowing this work; showy workshops, flashy offices, elegant project managers…After all, facing with high quotations and babbles.


Sea has been our passion for a long time, we are doing our works with this passion, and we know this sector very well by looking other alternatives with a nice smile on our face.


Please do not consider our words as arrogance, our decisive moment was the time when we noticed that we know this work better than the others claiming good. Instead of doing this job with inaccurate or stereotype methods, we have built up our experience by examining deeply and travelling all around the world. We have gathered our current occupation with these knowledge and experiences.


Marine work is not done in showy worksops or in elegant ironed clothes, it is gone through with in all parts of the boat, sometimes on the top of the mast, sometimes in bilge room, sometimes in machine room…

If you would like to repair a boat, you should consider her as your own one and will set sail forever with her, you create a connection and try to feel&understand her deeply. It can be weird for someone but we first of all listen and talk to her then try to find an appropriate cure for her. This emotional connection has an influential impact on our success.